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Paper Publications
Paper Publication
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Power Quality Improvement Using STATCOMYASHODA R. PERKAR (KALE)EEJournal of Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology2020-21ISSN No : 1006-7930
Need of Computerized early Fire Detection SystemRenuka Hingolikar, S. S. Gadekar, S. P. KhardeE&TCInternational Journal for Research in Engineering Application and Management2020-21ISSN: 2454-9150
A Mathematical Model for Optimization of Inspection Frequency for Repairable SystemsDr. Hulas Raj TondayMechINDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH2020-21ISSN No 2249 – 555X | DOI : 10.36106/ijar
Development of oxygen vacancies and surface defects in Mn-doped ZnO nanoflowers for enhancing visible light photocatalytic activityNita Raskar, Dnyaneshwar Dake, Hari Khawal, Uday Deshpande, K Asokan, Babasaheb DoleApplied ScienceSN Applied Sciences2020-21
Review on Chronic Kidney Disease using NAIVE Bays AlgorithmSyed Danish*1, Shaikh Aamer*2, S.P Kharde*3, S.S Gadekar *4E&TCInternational Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science2020-21ISSN: 2582-5208
Increasing Attrition rate in Indian IT and ITES sector and its legal implications- UGC Care ListedMd. Saad SiddiquiMBAAn International Multidisciplinary Half Yearly Research Scholar2020-21ISSN: 2279-0489
Comparison between with and without Horizontal Bracing on Sloping and Plain Ground: Seismic Zone IIIPathak K.KCIVILInternational Journal of Structural Engineering and Analysis2019-20ISSN: 2456-5326, Vol. 6: Issue 1,
Surface Integrity Examination of Machined Specimens by using Atomic Force MicroscopyHulas R. TONDAYMechanicalU.P.B. Sci. Bull., Series D, Vol. 82,2019-20ISSN 1454-2358
Literature Review on Structures Subjected to Material and Geometric NonlinearityInamdar Zakeer Ahamed Kadir Ahamed1 , Nitin S. Vaidkar2 , Arvind B. Vawale2 , Pradeep Sudhakar BhalageCIVILJournal of Structural Engineering and Management, ISSN: 2393-8773
Volume 7, Issue 1
2019-20ISSN: 2393-8773
Volume 7, Issue 1
Static and Dynamic Performance of RCC Framed Structure Subjected to Geometric and Material Non LinearityInamdar Zakeer Ahamed Kadir Ahamed1 , Nitin S. Vaidkar2 , Arvind B. VawaleCIVILJournal of Structural Engineering and Management, ISSN: ISSN: 2393-8773
Volume 7, Issue 2
2019-20ISSN: 2393-8773
Volume 7, Issue 2
Doping effect on the local structure of metamagnetic Co doped Ni/NiO:GO core–shell nanoparticles using X-ray absorption spectroscopy and the pair distribution functionHA Khawal, KK Pandey, AK Yadav, SN Jha, D Bhattacharyya, BN DoleApplied SciencePhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics2019-202019,21, 1294-1307
Impact of Sugarcane molasses on Compressive trength and WorkabilityJalinder Dawkar, Vaibhav Chavan. Govind DakeCIVILInternational Journal of Structural Engineering and Analysis ISSN: 2456-2335, Vol. 6: Issue 1, www.journalspub.com2019-20ISSN: 2456-2335
Clinical Applications and Importance of Conventional to 3-D Digital Imaging Techniques in Dentistry: An OverviewA. N. ShaikhE&TCInternational Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Applied Optimization2019-20
A Critical Study of Paradigms and Perspectives for Advancement of E-EntrepreneurshipHulas Raj TondayMechanicalInternational Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation Volume 9 • Issue 2 • July-December 20192019-20
Dynamic Analysis of Railway Track and SSI EffectK.A. Puranik1, *, A.B. VawhaleCIVILJournal of Structural Engineering and Management ISSN: 2393-8773 (Online) Volume 6, Issue 12019-20ISSN: 2393-8773 (Online)
Volume 6, Issue 1
Comparative Study of Shear and Flexural Strength for various parameters on Hardened High Strength Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beam (HSFRC) for M70 and M80 GradeRakhi Harsing NimbhoreCIVILICCIP2019-20_
A Critical Study of Paradigms and Perspectives for Advancement of E-EntrepreneurshipTonday H. R., Tigga A.M, PallavMechanicalInternational Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJEEI)2019-201947-8585
Characterization of Surface Integrity of Ti6Al4V Alloy Machined by Using Wire Electrical Discharge Machining ProcessTonday H. R., Tigga A.MMechanicalElsevier2019-20ISSN 2214-7853
Use of Recycled Aggregates in Concrete to Achieve Characteristic Strength M50 with Addition to Steel FiberVijay H. Nimbhore1,*, Rakhi H. Nimbhore1CIVILInternational Journal of Concrete Technology, ISSN: 2456-8317, Vol. 5: Issue 22019-20eISSN : 2456-8317
Power quality improvement using facts device(STATCOM)Y. A. Kale, Sandip S. Rathod, G. D. ShingadeEEMANTECH Publications-Recent Trends in Electrical machines and drives2018-19Certificate No: MT/2085/2019
Beat frequency undulator radiation and harmonic generationVijay Huse and Bramh PrakashEngg. ScienceLaser Physics, Communicated2018-19Online ISSN: 1555-6611
Print ISSN: 1054-660X
Performance optimization of disc brake system using TAGUCHI approachDr. R. S. PawarIJVSIJVS2018-19ISSN: 1479-3113, 1479-3105
Enhancement of mechanical properties of composite materials in brake pad applicationDr. R. S. PawarJETIRJETIR2018-19
Formation of defect, oxygen vacancy creation, and shifting of phonon mode by Li3+ swift heavy ion irradiation on Zn1 − x Mn x O thin filmsHA Khawal, VD Mote, K Asokan, Babasaheb N DoleApplied ScienceJournal of Solid State Electrochemistry201822, pages1237–1248 (2018)
Optimization of process parameters affecting on spring back in V – bending process for high strength low alloy steel HSLA 420 using FEA (Hyperform) and Taguchi technique.Dr. R. S. PawarIJAMEIJAME2018-19ISNI:0000000091950263, vol:12, No:1, 2018
Performance Analysis of an Inverted Trapezoidal Flume Shaped
Photovoltaic Thermal System
Kapil T. PatilSpringerSpringer2018-19
Comparison of the design of water treatment plant by manually & by software methodS.P.Sharma, S.D.Kolte, S.D.Darshanwad, N.S.Marpe, S.K.Dongre, Hastimal S.KumavatCivilIJITEE2018-19ISSN: 2278-3075, pp-92-96
Watershed Management-A Case Study of Satara Tanda VillageParag R.Thakre, Raj A. Jadhav, Hastimal S.KumavatCivilIJITEE2018-19ISSN: 2278-3075, pp-97-100
Third Order Shear Deformation Theory: An Application to Thick BeamAjay G. Dahake, Aishwarya B. Mangrule, Megha M. ShingareCivilJCT2018-19ISSN 2278-3814
Economical Evaluation of open and Hallow Structural sections in Industrial trussesVaibhav B. Chavan, Vikas N. Nimbalkar, Abhishek JaiswalCivilIJIRSET2017-18ISSN: 2319-8753
Design of Embedded System in Telemedicine using ARM-7S.P.KhardeE&TCGlobal Research & Development Journal for Engg,Vol 1 ,Issue 10,2018-19
Development of Drowsiness Warning System using Image ProcessingS.P.KhardeE&TCIJSETR, Vol4, Issue 25,2018-19
Iris based Attendance SystemS.P.KhardeE&TCIJARCET,Vol 4, Issue 8,2018-19 ISSN: 2278 – 1323
A Review on Data Acquisition & Control System for Industrial Automation ApplicationS.P.KhardeE&TCIJECET,Vol 6,2018-19ISSN Print: 0976 – 6464 and ISSN Online: 0976 – 6472
Ethernet base Data Acquisition & Control System for Industrial ApplicationS. P. KhardeE&TCIJAREEIE,Vol 42018-19ISSN:2278-8875, ISSN:2320-3765
A Review on Vehicle Control System using CAN ProtocolS. P. KhardeE&TCIJAREEIE, Vol 42018-19ISSN:2278-8875, ISSN:2320-3765
A Review on Microstrip Antennas Integrated with EBG StructuresR.G.Magar A.G.GaikwadE&TCIJIREEICE,Vol 42018-19ISSN (Online) 2321 – 2004
ISSN (Print) 2321 – 5526
Automation in Ration Distribution SystemProf. A.G. Gaikwad , Prof. Sonali ChincholikarE&TCIJIREEICE Vol 42018-19 ISSN (Online) 2321 – 2004 ISSN (Print) 2321 – 5526
Iris Based Attendance SystemS.Y.ChincholikarE&TCIJIRMF Vol 2,2018-19ISSN – 2455-0620
Biometric Attendance System using Iris RecognitionS.Y.ChincholikarE&TCIJIRMF Vol 2,2018-19ISSN – 2455-0620
A Review on Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IOT EnvironmentS.Y.ChincholikarE&TCIJISET Vol22018-19ISSN 2348 – 7968
An Ethernet Based Real Time Monitoring of Data Acq. & Control System using Rasp-piR.R.PatilE&TCIJARCSSE Vol 6,2018-19ISSN: 2277 128X
Remote control of Home appliances using mobile phone: A polymorphous based systemSandip S. Rathod, Y. A. Kale, G. D. ShingadeEEMANTECH Publications-Recent Trends in Electrical machines and drives2018-19Certificate No: MT/1976/2018
Self propelled onion harvesterY. A. KaleEEMANTECH Publications-Recent Trends in Electrical machines and drives2018-19Certificate No: MT/1979/2018
Komal Kailas IngaleCSEIJRAR2018-192348-1269
Komal Kailas IngaleCSEIJRITCC2018-192321-8169
Microstrip Antennas Integrated with EBG Structures for Array ApplicationsA.R.MarkadE&TCIARJSET Vol 32018-19ISSN (Online) 2393-8021 ISSN (Print) 2394-1588
A Review on Implementation of Multifunction MeterS.S.SononeE&TCIJAREEIE ,Vol 5,2017-18ISSN (Print) : 2320 – 3765 ISSN (Online): 2278 – 8875
Automation in Ration Distribution SystemA.G.GaikwadE&TCIJIREEICE Vol42017-18ISSN (Online) 2321 – 2004
ISSN (Print) 2321 – 5526
Patient Health Wireless Monitoring SystemS.P.KhardeE&TCIJIREEICE Vol 4,Issue 4,2017-18
Crack Detection & Classification method in different Eras.S. P. KhardeE&TCSTM journal2017-18ISSN: 2455-1872(Online)
Overview on Configurable & Mixed ECG Signals Monitoring SystemS.P.KhardeE&TCIJETT ,Vol 23,2017-18
Compact Monopole Ultra-wideband Antenna with Band Notched CharacteristicsA.G.GaikwadE&TCIJIREEICE Vol 4,2017-18ISSN (Online) 2321 – 2004 ISSN (Print) 2321 – 5526
A Review on reconfigurable antenna analysis & switch technologiesSamadhan PawarE&TCIJSRST2017-18ISSN: 2395-6011
Data Concealing using BPCD based Multimedia Steganography Combined with CryptographyProf. D. S. AlureCSEIJSRD2017-182321-0613
A New Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory for Analysis of Thick BeamMithun K. Sawant, Dr. Ajay Dahake,CivilIJIRSET2017-18ISSN: 2319-8753
A Refined Shear Deformation Theory Flexure of Thick BeamVaibhav B. Chavan, Dr. Ajay DahakeCivilIJPRET2017-18ISSN: 2319-507X
A study of the 160 MeV Ni 7+ swift heavy ion irradiation effect of defect creation and shifting of the phonon modes on Mn x Zn 1–x O thin filmsHA Khawal, BN DoleApplied ScienceRSC Advances2017-1834736-34745
Shear Strength of Polymer Modified Steel Fiber Reinforced ConcreteU. B. Kalwane, Y.M. Ghugal, A. G. DahakeCivilThe Indian Concrete Journal2017-18
Literature Review on the Seismic Performance of Multi-storey Building with different Location s of Shear wall and DiagridS.P.Sharma, J.P.BhandariCivilISJR2017-18ISSN 2319-7064
Study of seismic Performance of G+50 Storey Building With Different of shear wall and with DiagridS.P.Sharma, U.B.Kalwane, J.P.BhandariCivilJoCETM2017-18ISSN: 2249-4723
Multilevel damage and creep behavior of material subjected to high pressure: metal versus composite – A micromechanics approachProf. A. S. AdkineMechanicalInstitutions of Mechanical engineering2017-18ISSN: 0022-2542
Online ISSN: 2058-3389
Heat transfer enhancement by nanofluid in spiral tube heat exchangerProf. G. N. DeshpandeMechanicalJournal of Thermal science and Technology ManTech2017-18ISSN:2581-8880
Geometry and architecture of mixing agitator a reviewProf. D. A. DeshmukhMechanicalIJSART2016-17ISSN [ONLINE]: 2395-1052
A study on the synthesis, pair distribution function and diverse properties of cobalt doped ZnS nanowiresUmesh P Gawai, Hari A Khawal, Thoudinja Shripathi, BN DoleApplied ScienceCrystEngComm2016-172016,18, 1439-1445
A study of nanostructured ZnS polymorphs by synchrotron X-ray diffraction and atomic pair distribution functionUP Gawai, HA Khawal, MR Bodke, KK Pandey, UP Deshpande, NP Lalla, BN DoleApplied ScienceRSC advances2016-17
Synthesis and different property of yttrium doped ZnS nanoparticlesHA Khawal, ND Raskar, UP Gawai, BN DoleApplied ScienceAIP Conference Proceedings2016
A Review on Computer-aided Fixture DesignProf. Y. T. GavhaneMechanicalInternational Journal of Research in Advent Technology,2016-17Corpus ID: 212481052
Geo-hydrological assessment of ground water recharge by shaft and pit method- a case study of Shreeyash campusH.S. kumavat, Irshad KureshiCivilIJARSE2016-17ISSN (O) : 2319-8354
ISSN (P) : 2319- 8346
An Efficient Approach for sarcasm recognition on twitter using pattern based methodProf S G VaidyaCSEInternational Journal Of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology2016-17ISSN: 2278 – 1323
“Modified structural, surface morphological and optical studies of Li3+ swift heavy ion irradiation on zinc oxide nanoparticles”H. A. Khawal, U. P. Gawai, K. Asokan and B. N. Dole*Applied ScienceRSC Advances2016-176, 49068-49075
Experimental investigation of heat transfer enhancement through curved wing delta generatorDr. R. S. PawarMechanicalIJSART2016-17ISSN [ONLINE]: 2395-1052
Heat transfer augmentation in Tube in Tube Type Heat Exchanger using spring coil insertProf. M. D. ShendeMechanicalInternational Journal of Research in Advent Technology2016-17-ISSN(O)-2395-4396
WSN Based Monitoring System for Telemedical ApplicationS.P.KhardeE&TCGJAET ,Vol 52016-17ISSN (Online): 2277-6370 & ISSN (Print):2394-0921
A Review Paper Based on Efficient Content Based Image Retrival TechiquesS.P.KhardeE&TCGJAET ,Vol52016-17ISSN (Online): 2277-6370 & ISSN (Print):2394-0921
Microstrip Antennas Integrated with EBG Structures for Array ApplicationsR.G.Magar A.G.GaikwadE&TCIARJSET Vol 32016-17ISSN (Online) 2393-8021 ISSN (Print) 2394-1588
A Review on Microstrip Antennas Integrated with EBG StructuresA.R.MarkadE&TCIJIREEICE,Vol 42016-17ISSN (Online) 2321 – 2004
ISSN (Print) 2321 – 5526
Optimization of crankshaft using finite element analysis approachDr. R. S. PawarMechanicalSpringer2016-17_
Performance of vegetable oil based cutting fluid in machining of steel by using MQL- A reviewDr. R. S. PawarMechanicalIJSART2016-17ISSN [ONLINE]: 2395-1052
A Review on Finite Element Analysis of the Crankshaft of Internal Combustion EngineDr. R. S. PawarMechanicalInternational Research Journal of Engineering and Technology2016-17e-ISSN: 2395 -0056
p-ISSN: 2395-0072
A Review on Lubrication System Used For Machining ProcessDr. R. S. PawarMechanicalInternational Journal of Engineering Research and General Science2016-17ISSN 2091-2730
Heat Transfer enhancement in heat exchangers using passive techniques: A ReviewProf. M. D. ShendeMechanicalInternational Journal of New Technologies in Science and Engineering,2016-17ISSN 2349-0780
Review Paper for Data Access Previlege control with fully anonymous ABEProf R R GalgaliCSEInternational Journal of Engineering Science & Computing2016-17
A survey on PreLoc Proofs: STAMPProf. D. S. AlureCSEIJSRD2016-172321-0613
A Survey on Reversible Data Hiding using BPCD based Multimedia Steganography Combined with CryptographyProf. D. S. AlureCSEIJSRD2016-172321-0613
Secured Location-Based Rewarding System by using the user Digital Signature (SLBRDS)Prof. Rubina A. ShahCSEIJSR2016-172319-7064
Secured Location-Based Rewarding System using Digital Signature (SLBRDS)Prof. Rubina A. ShahCSEIJSR2016-172319-7064
Review paper for Data access priviledge control with fully anonymous ABEProf. Rucha R. GalgaliCSEIJESC2016-17ISSN 2321 3361
Data access priviledge with attribute based encryption & users revocationProf. Rucha R. GalgaliCSEIRJET2016-17ISSN 2395 – 0056
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Friend recommendation system for social networksProf. Rucha R. GalgaliCSEIOSR2016-17ISSN 2278 – 0661
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