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Shreeyash College of Engineering and Technology , Aurangabad

Affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, Maharashtra

NAAC Accredited| ISO 9001 :2015 Certified | Institution Innovation Council (IIC) Academy | DTE Code : 2112

Training and Placement Activities


As a annual culture of Shreeyash Pratishthan, this year also we had successfully organized “MARATHWADA JOB-FAIR 2019” for the Polytechnic, ITI,B.Sc. and the Engineering students. Well known companies from Maharashtra visited our campus and recruited more than 674 students on the basis of aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews.

Sr. No.Name of the companyBEPolytechnicITIB. Sc.Total Recruited
1Ess Dee Industries, Aurangabad0025025
2Shantdeep Metals Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00808
3Rubicon Formulations Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad080412
4Yeshwant Industries, Aurangabad40509
5Rucha Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad665017
6Shree Pressings, Aurangabad00404
7Yoganand Autocomp Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00303
8Mikronix Gauges Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00101
9Metalman Auto Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad0042547
10Epitome Components Pvt. Ltd., Ahmednagar0800080
11Mukesh Sharma & Associates, Aurangabad45009
12Dhoot Transmission Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad0550055
13Techno Craft Toolings, Aurangabad0014216
14Krupa Technologies, Aurangabad846018
15Badve Group, Aurangabad0051051
16Expert Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,Aurangabad40004
17Abhishek Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad32005
18NHK Automotive Components Pvt. Ltd.,Aurangabad05038088
19Three-D Containers, Aurangabad00101
20Savera Auto Comps Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad0032335
21aPLS Web Development, Aurangabad43007
22Varroc Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Plant – 8, Aurangabad4 120 025
23Sourabh Heat Treatments, Aurangabad02215
24Fab Software Stock, Aurangabad22004
25Aurangabad Auto Ancillary Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00000
26Sun Auto Transmission Industries, Aurangabad43029
27Pradnyesh Engg. Works, Aurangabad02103
28Euro Life Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad0105419
29Flexible Abrasives Pvt. Ltd. , Aurangabad03508
30Samarth Electrocare Pvt. Ltd. Aurangbad40004
31Deccan Management, Aurangabad05136693
32Newtek Electricals, Aurangabad262010
Grand Total4929230627674


As a annual culture of Shreeyash Pratishthan, this year also we had successfully organized “JOB-FAIR 2018” on 04th July 2018 for the Polytechnic, ITI,B.Sc. and the Engineering students. Well known companies from Maharashtra visited our campus and recruited more than 450 students on the basis of aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews.

Sr. No.Name of the companyBEPolytechnicITIB. Sc.Total Recruited
1Avery Dennison India Pvt. Ltd., Pune0190019
2Varroc Engineering Ltd., Plant – 5, Aurangabad04617063
3Varroc Engineering Ltd., Plant – 1, Aurangabad04310558
4Endurance Technologies Ltd., Aurangabad16112983
5Rucha Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad437014
6Badve Engineering Ltd., Unit 2, 5 & 16, Aurangabad01434048
7Cosmo Films Ltd., Aurangabad0180018
8Metalman Auto Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad02110940
9Varsha Forgings Ltd., Aurangabad544013
10Shree Ganesh Press-n-Coat India Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad550111
11Dhoot Transmissions Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad11901434
12Gamma Technoplast Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad037212
13J. S. Engineering, Aurangabad12104
14Mikronix Gauges Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad02114
15S. Expert Engineers, Aurangabad00202
16S. S. Controls, Aurangabad0021021
17Shri Saigan Industries, Aurangabad00505
18Shreya Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00729
19Sourabh Heat Treatments, Aurangabad10203
20Sun Auto Transmission Industries, Aurangabad11002
21Tanuja Engineering, Aurangabad00505
22Devgiri Forgings Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad2200022
23Mukesh Sharma & Associates, Aurangabad12003
24Qubatic Engineers, Aurangabad22004
25Icon Consultants, Aurangabad12003
26iBus Corporation Pvt. Ltd., Pune31004
27S S Infomate, Aurangabad10012
28WebNest Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune10001
29aPLS Web Development, Aurangabad10001
30Nahar Engineering India Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad32005
31Eureka Forbes, Aurangabad00022
32Deccan Management, Pune04015
Grand Total3429414547520

As a annual culture of Shreeyash Pratishthan, this year also we had successfully organized “JOB-FAIR 2017” on 14th June 2017 for the Polytechnic, ITI,B.Sc. and the Engineering students. Well known companies from Maharashtra visited our campus and recruited more than 450 students on the basis of aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews.

Sr. No.Name of the companyB.E.B.Pharm.PolytechnicITIB. Sc.Total Recruited
1Siemens Limited, Aurangabad00270027
2Varroc Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad60742082
3Metalman Auto Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00249134
4Rucha Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00218029
5NRB Bearings Ltd., Aurangabad00115016
6Badve Engineering Ltd., Aurangabad002421045
7Nahars Engineering India Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad000707
8Yeshshree Press Comps Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00230023
9Varsha Forgings Ltd., Aurangabad00117018
10NHK Automotive Components India Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00120012
11Laxmi Agni Component & Forging Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00159024
12Shree Ganesh Press-n-Coat India Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad1072313
13Rubicon Formulations Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad0080614
14Ajanta Pharma Limited, Paithan, Aurangabad01100011
15NIIT, Aurangabad200002
16Dhoot Transmissions Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad700007
17Gamma Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad00165021
18Mukesh Sharma & Associates, Aurangabad100001
19Vivo Global, Aurangabad403018
20Green Tech Education, Pune400004
21Shoppers Stop, Aurangabad000000
22Alicon Castalloy Ltd., Pune40270031
23Parason Machinery India Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad000404
24SSI Computers, Aurangabad8090017
25Wipro Lighting Ltd., Aurangabad100001
Grand Total38113127911451

“ PLACEMENTS – 2016 -2017”

Sr. NoName of the CompanyType of CampusDateDisciplinesEligibility CriteriaSalary
1Xento Systems, PunePool Campus24.09.2016CSENO % CRITERIA1.80 LPA
2Prototech SolutionsPool Campus06.10.2016CSE+MECH+ETC+CIVIL+EESSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-60, NO LIVE ATKT2.75 LPA
3Innoeye Technologies, Indore (M.P.)Pool Campus15.10.2016CSE + ETCSSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-55, NO LIVE ATKT2.40 LPA
4Arxxus Technology Partners, PunePool Campus26.10.2016CSE2.40 LPA
5Webtech Developers, PunePool Campus02.12.2016CSESSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-60, NO LIVE ATKT3.00 LPA
6Mphasis, PunePool Campus06.01.2017CSENO % CRITERIA1.67 LPA
7Unikaihatsu Software Pvt. Ltd., MumbaiPool Campus09.01.2017CSE+ETCNO % CRITERIA1.88 LPA
8Raja Software Labs, PunePool Campus17.01.2017CSENO % CRITERIA4.00 LPA
9Just Dial Pvt. Ltd., PunePool Campus18.01.2017CSE+MECH+ETC+CIVIL+EENO % CRITERIA1.92 LPA
10Angular Minds, PunePool Campus19.01.2017CSESSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-55, NO LIVE ATKT1.80 to 3.00 LPA
11Amazon, PunePool Campus20.01.2017CSE+MECH+ETC+CIVIL+EENO % CRITERIA2.40 LPA
12Deskera, PunePool Campus02.02.2017CSENO % CRITERIA1.80 LPA
13PEOL Technologies, PunePool Campus04.02.2017CSESSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-60, NO LIVE ATKT1.80 LPA
14Sanjeev Group, AurangabadPool Campus03 & 04.03.2017MECH+EESSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-60, NO LIVE ATKT2.19 LPA
15Merce Technologies, MumbaiPool Campus14.03.2017CSESSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-60, NO LIVE ATKT1.80 LPA
16SOM AutoTech Pvt. Ltd., AurangabadClose Campus20.03.2017MECH+EENO % CRITERIA1.20 LPA
17Amazon, PunePool Campus22.03.2017CSE+MECH+ETC+CIVIL+EENO % CRITERIA2.40 LPA
18Enzigma Softwares Pvt. Ltd., PunePool Campus24.03.2017CSESSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-60, NO LIVE ATKT2.60 LPA
19Pratian Technologies, BangalorePool Campus26 & 27.03.2017CSE+ETCSSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-60, NO LIVE ATKT3.00 LPA
20Nahars Engineering I Ltd., AurangabadClose Campus11.04.2017MECH+EE+CSEFirst 15 toppers+10 tpooers+05 toppoer1.68 LPA
21Parametrix Technologies, PunePool Campus12.04.2017CSESSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-58, NO LIVE ATKT2.40 LPA
22Electrolab India Pvt. Ltd., MumbaiClose Campus19.04.2017ETCNO % CRITERIA, Male only1.80 LPA
23Cosmo Films Limited, AurangabadPool Campus20.04.2017MECH+EESSC-60, HSC/DIP-60, AGG.-60, NO LIVE ATKT, Female only1.92 LPA
24Expert Global Solutions, AurangabadClose Campus20.04.2017MECH+ETC+CSEEngg. Agg. 55, No year drop from SSC to BE1.80 LPA

 Placement Notice_Enzigma

 Placement Notice_Just Dial

 Placement Notice_Pratian Technology

 Placement Notice_Raja Software Labs

 Placement Notice_SOM AutoTech

 Placement Notice_Unikaihatsu Software

 Placement Notice-BSNL

“ PLACEMENTS – 2016 ”

Hearty Congratulations to Ganesh Pawar, Dattatraya Wayal & Samadhan Chikte (final year Mechanical engineering) for getting placed in Varroc Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (MNC) .

“ JOB-FAIR 2016 ”

As a annual culture of Shreeyash Pratishthan, this year also we had successfully organized “JOB-FAIR 2016” on 4th June 2016 for the Polytechnic, ITI,B.Sc. and the Engineering students. Well known companies from Aurangabad, Pune and Nashik visited our campus and recruited more than 550 students on the basis of aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews. Shreeyash Pratishthan is the only Group in the region with a team of 7 expert and skilled members to help enhance the employability skills of students and simultaneously establish a fine rapport with industries. We provide maximum job assistance to the students of Diploma, Engineering and M. B. A.

Training Activities: The  Trainers  with  specialized  skills  and  experience  impart  training  on  Communication  skills,  Development  of  Soft  Skills,  Interview  Techniques, Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, Aptitude Tests etc.  The  students  of  Polytechnic, Engineering  College and  MBA  Institute  get  the  benefits  of  these  training  programs  in  a  structured  way  from  the first day  of  their  admission in  the  campus. The  Popularity  of  this  team’s  ability  is  spreading  far  outside  the  campus  leading  to  the  team  being  called  for  training  services  in Industry  and in colleges outside the region.

Placement Activities: In continuation with the previous job fairs, this 3rd Marathwada Job Fair 2015 organized by Shreeyash Technical Campus  on 7th  February, 2015. The “Marathwada  Job Fair-2015”  is one of the most remarkable event that brings together Institutes and Organizations from the Technical background under one roof with highly competitive and professional job seekers and individuals from remote and interior area, thereby serving as the platform for an open and wide-ranging career and employment opportunities Some of our recruitment partners are Wipro, OMR Bagla, Videocon, Volkswagen, CAN Pack (I), Badve Engineering, Expert Global, Global Websoft etc.

Industry- Institute Interaction  We strive to create, nurture and sustain a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship at all levels & sectors of industries. Through this we desire to remain permanently relevant to the cause of engineering/management and to be useful to the society by providing skilled personnel as per the needs of the industries. We are aiming to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia by having close associations with various Industry tycoons like Mr. Dilip Basole- Maxx Mobiles (Consultant Director), Mr. A. K. Tannu- OMR Bagla (President & CEO) , Mr. P. A. Mutha-(G. M) Videocon, , Mr. Manish Rawke- Manish Industry(M. D.), Mr. Sunil Bhosle- (M. D.) Manisha Industries and President, MASSIA, etc.  who visit our campus and shared their experiences with students.

Benefits of Industry Institute Interaction To Institute

  • Greater resource generation.
  • Improved quality of faculty.
  • More relevant learning.
  • Better Placement of students.
  • Better utilization of expertise and facilitated Industry.

To Industry

  • It can have access to the latest technological and management developments.
  • Industry can keep their workforce updated in terms of skills and knowledge through refresher courses and other training programmes conducted by the institutes.
  • It is able to get fresh and well trained technical personnel.
  • Reduction in recruiting costs. Cost effective productivity.
  • Better communication with higher learning centre.
  • Collaborative research opportunities.
  • Industry can demonstrate their product for marketing in college.

Activities Performed in the year of 2014-15 Placement in:

  • Wipro consumer care & lighting, Aurangabad
  • Canpack Pvt. Ltd.
  • BancBridge Pvt. Ltd.
  • Enzigma Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  • WebTech software solutions
  • Shree Ganesh Engineering
  • Saphalya Industries, Aurangabad
  • Vedant Energy Solution
  • Narsimha Automobiles, Aurangabad
  • Endress + Hausar
  • NRB Bearings
  • SIEMENS Ltd.

Training  for Industrial Employees :

  • Sanket Enterprises, Aurangabad
  • Shree Ganesh Engineering, Aurangabad
  • Ajinkya Industries , Aurangabad

In Plant Training for Students :

  • Lumax  Auto Technologies  Ltd.
  • Manisha Industries
  • Ajinkya Tech
  • Ace Technoservices
  • Electromates Robotics & Automation India Pvt. Ltd
  • Garware Polyester Ltd.
  • Videocon Industries Ltd.
  • Greaves Cotton Ltd.
  • Upturn Precision, Aurangabad
  • Manish Industries , Aurangabad

Expertise from Industries Addressed Our Students Mr. Gaurav Gupta  Senior Software Engineer, BancBridge Pvt. Ltd. Marathwada Job Fair Marathwada Job Fair 2013 Marathwad Job Fair 2013 was organized  in association with CMIA, for Technical & Non-Technical Vacancies on 16th & 17th February, 2013, in which 25 Companies from Aurangabad MIDC were participated & around 1100 students from all over the Marathwada region were Registered to grab the job opportunity  and 237 students were selected. Marathwada Job Fair 2014 Marathwad Job Fair 2014 was organized in association with MSSIA on 22nd February, 2014 for Diploma & ITI Candidates, in which 40 Companies from Aurangabad MIDC  were participated & around 1800 students from all over the Marathwada region were registered to the campus for interview and more than 343 students were selected. Companies Visited Marathwada Job Fair 2013-14

Atra PharmaExpert Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Orchid Chemicals
Badve EngineeringGlobal Web Soft TechnologiesSatish Motors
CTRGreaves Cotton Ltd.Savera Auto Comp. Pvt. Ltd.
Deccan Honda (Bafna Auto) Pvt. Ltd.LIC Of IndiaSAYA Intellical
Dhoot Transmission Pvt. Ltd.MASO Automotives Pvt. Ltd.Shreya Life Sciences
Excelize Architectural Services Pvt. Ltd.Mavin Switch GearsVarroc Polymer Pvt. Ltd.
EXEDY India Ltd.Max Life InsuranceVideocon Ltd,
Wockhardt Ltd.OMR Bagla GroupWipro Ltd.
Wonder TravelsYeshshree Press Com.
Companies Visited Marathwada Job Fair 2015
Sr. NoName of the CompanyNo. of Students Short Listed
1Aecovis Consultancy Services5
2BG Liin10
3Deccan Management C2
4Electromats Pvt. Ltd.3
5Expert Global Solutions35
6GBB Industries9
7Greaves Cotton25
8Harman Finochem12
9Infuir Soft Solutions6
10Jyoti Enterprises10
11Krushna Polymers6
12Loya PEB Pvt. Ltd.5
13Mavin Switchgears5
14Nespal Air Water Heater Pvt. Ltd14
15Pars Constructions2
16Quebetic Engg9
17Raj Group9
18Sara Builders & Developers16
19Shendra Green Energy Ltd.3
20SIEMENS Ltd.35
21Surya Springs1
22Unique Constructions7
23Videocon Ltd36
24Wipro Consumer Care12

 Alumni Institute is having a strong Alumni Network. We invit them for various interactive sessions and Placement activities arranged from time to time.

Training & Placement Officer: Prof. Avinash Karadkhele E-Mail :-,   Contact No.:- (0240)6608784 Mobile No.:- 80878 93070